Ukrainian military moves to new forward positions

10.12.2015, Donetsk.

What the Donbass residents already got used to, is that the situation on the contact line is far from calm. Yet again the Ukrainian army and punitive battalions shell Donetsk People’s Republic army positions and civilian infrastructure. Kiev junta almost doesn’t hide anymore when it moves the heavy military hardware to forward positions which just can’t be there in case they choose a defensive tactic. “Grad” multiple-launch rocket system can fire to up to 20 km away, while even 82mm mortars can hit them when they are positioned 2-3 km away from the contact line.

Fuel and ammunition supply is underway, new companies arrive and assume fortifications. Ukrainian army forward positions move even more forward as the enemy’s reconnaissance probes the border. In some places Ukrainian army sappers clear the minefields of DPR army.

Source: “Essence of Time” unit

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