Crimeans invite Poroshenko to visit the Russian peninsula

01.10.2015, Crimea.

Crimean authorities invite Pyotr Poroshenko to visit the Russian Crimea peninsula in order to bring him to account for “everything he does to Crimeans and in Donbass”, according to the Deputy Speaker of Crimea Parliament Andrey Kozenko.

The main goal of the acting Ukrainian government is to receive attention, make a name for themselves. When the Ukrainian politicians speak of Crimea, none of them ask how Crimeans feel, how do they live. Nobody ever came to visit them. I, for example, would be glad if Poroshenko would come, we would bring him to account for everything he does to Crimeans and in Donbass,” Kozenko said.

During his visit to USA Poroshenko said that Kiev will manage to return Crimea to Ukraine “soon”. Poroshenko, an owner of a chocolate factory in Lipetsk, Russia, has stated that “millions of Ukrainians live under occupation” in Crimea.


Source: RIA Novosti

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