DPR: junta’s military deployed “Smerch” multiple-launch rocket systems at the front-line

24.08.2015 13:04, DPR

Kiev junta’s army continues to deploy heavy military hardware at the contact line, according to Donetsk People’s Republic’s Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin. DPR intelligence has uncovered 45 units of heavy military hardware at the front-line.

Eight “Uragan” and two “Smerch” multiple-launch rocket systems were located south-east of Artemovsk city (20 km away from the contact line). A column of ten units of military hardware was spotted arriving to Kurdyumovka township (7 km away from the contact line). Up to a battalion of Ukrainian National Guard personnel has arrived to Dmitrovka village (25 km away from the contact line). 15 tanks were spotted south of Selidovo city. A column of military hardware of up to 10 units was spotted moving in the direction of Netaylovo village.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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